Gifts from Canadians

Canadians wanting a tax receipt can easily and safely give online, by mail, or pre-authorized debit by clicking on the button above.  You will be taken to The Great Commission Foundation (GCF) site.  Where you will read about how the funds will be used:

We provide, first, a community of faith and hope. Secondly, we provide free hot meals, English classes and mentoring to churches that desire to open their doors to serve their neighborhoods in Jesus’ Name. Finally, we are a mission base for churches and families who desire to minister in PV.

Want to make your gift go further?

The cost to use Great Commission Foundation in Canada is 10% of your gift.  You might want to add 10% to your gift to cover the cost.  This too is tax deductible.

We believe we are being good stewards as Canada Revenue Agency through GCF has recognized Paradise Church as a legitimate tax exempt organization; you get a tax receipt for your generosity; and GCF does all the bookkeeping, banking, tax receipting, auditing and reporting to CRA for us.

The Great Commission Foundation will issue you a receipt in time to do your taxes.

  • We so appreciate recurring/monthly giving. Recurring giving helps us by flattening the curve of “high season” and “low season” giving.
  • Our outreaches and associated costs remain an intregal part of loving our community and showing God’s generosity. The people of Puerto Vallarta value your continued support. Thank you!