Getting together while apart
Going strong since the Summer of 2020

Like most virtual study groups we came together in response to Covid-19.  BUT when we started traveling again in the Winter of 2021/2022 we decided to keep the virtual study going.  Some will think this just doesn't make sense.

What is a typical meeting like? We have social time too!
Why would a virtual study group continue? Crazy idea?
We are a community of learners who like each other very much

Even though many of us were in Puerto Vallarta in the Winter of 21/22 we decided we liked meeting on line.

  • Some of us had serious immune challenges and surgeries were anticipated - that would be the expected reason to stay physically apart.
  • We liked the multiple media that we could share using the Zoom meeting system.
  • We connect people regularly who are traveling and snowbirding.  Some of our members travel quite a bit and they continue learning while on the go.
  • Some of our community of learners are unable to to get to regular in-person meetings because of transportation or health reasons.