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Extreme Makeover P2

From the inside, being born again, a new creation leads to an extreme makeover on the outside; that is new behavior! Have you ever wanted to change your behavior? Become a better human? Make a difference in your world? Jesus, through Holy Spirit living in and through you empowers you to change your life. Not through your own strength or willpower or determination but by his Spirit! Jesus called it rest. He says come to me when you are tired and over-loaded with trying to be a better person.  We’ll partner together and I’ll give you the strength to change. Doesn’t that sound d good to you?

For Scripture readings for this week see the Sermon Notes (above.)

Worship Music.

Note that there are 2 links for each song.  The first has English captions, the second Spanish captions.

Chris Tomlin - Resurrection Power1  - With Spanish captions

Thrive - Casting Crowns  - With Spanish captions

Tasha Layton - Look What You've Done  - With Spanish captions